Local Food Plus Enters a New Chapter

Since its inception in 2005, Local Food Plus has changed the landscape of the good food movement in Canada, providing the language and the tools to support local sustainable farming and food systems.

Thanks to LFP’s efforts, local institutional food procurement as a mechanism for economic development and food system change is now widely accepted and promoted across the country. In addition, LFP’s “local sustainable” standards provided a lens to recognize food beyond “organic” versus “conventional.” The LFP certification evaluated farms on a holistic spectrum of sustainability, including respect for other species, farm workers welfare, biodiversity, energy and water in addition to growing practices.

Having enjoyed almost a decade of groundbreaking achievements, it is time for the organization to enter a new chapter. While continuing to support our current farm certifications, we will be taking some time to reassess LFP’s certification and market facilitation programming and to plan the organization’s next steps. As Local Food Plus is a project of the Land Food People Foundation, LFP’s mission of promoting local sustainable food systems will carry on through the Foundation’s ongoing work. The Foundation’s Board of Directors is eager to take on this new challenge and is ready to explore new opportunities for the Land Food People Foundation to engage in positive food systems change.

The task of creating local sustainable food systems in Canada is far from over. While the LFP project is entering a transitional stage, the local sustainable food movement is growing stronger each day. The Land Food People Foundation, collaborating with our colleagues in the good food sector, will continue to advocate for sustainable food as a priority in our policies and institutions, as well as in our homes. We are grateful for our community’s continued support and look forward to forging new paths together as we move ahead.